Adding Pictures to the Photo Gallery:

1) Open a new window and go to the:
ETS Photo Gallery:

2) Click on the "Log In" button in the upper right hand corner.

3) Enter the User name & password:
Username: Killa               (with a capitol K)
Password: alpha26

4) Click on the "New Album" button in the upper right hand corner.
(unless you have already created an album, then just select your album)

5) Pull down the scroll down menu in the upper right hand corner &
     Select "Add Photos"

6) A window will pop up with 5 tabs along the top... each tab is a different method of adding pictures. The "applet" tab is the easiest to add many pictures, but cannot be used by an MWR computer. I would suggest using the "Form" tab to begin with.

7) Select the # of files you want to upload (upto 10 at a time)

8) Click the "Browse" button next to each file and select the picture you want to add. Do this for every file you want to upload.

9) When you have finished... click the "Upload Now" button and wait for the magic to happen. It takes awhile to upload bigger pictures, if you can save the pictures with a lower resolution and they will upload many times fatser.

10) Repeat until you are done uploading the files!

11) After you get done uploading the files you can edit your album by playing with the scroll down box in the upper right hand corner.

12) Enjoy!